UK Fine Artist And Digital Artist Ross Alexander

About My Art and Digital Art

I have always been fascinated by the way that light illuminates structure, and with colour, which has always massively influenced my art. From early on it became important to me not to represent things in a realistic manner, but to scrutinise texture and surface to uncover new realms and images within them. It is these beginnings that I think have influenced to a degree my whole artistic ouvre, where hopefully my abstract imagery and other projects trigger meaning within the viewer as they become capsules of meaning for them.

The roots of my art lie in abstract art; in particular painting, process driven excursions into light texture and colour, that are influenced largely by American and European abstract painting and its surrounding dialogues. For me Art is all about the process, a continuing engagement with which always eeks out paradigmatic shifts in both context and execution of the work. These changes and evolutions have been in more recent times extended through the use of the computer, to embrace hybrid, photographic and animated principles to extend the formal language of abstract painting, digital art tools becoming an integral part of my process.

My experiments with digital art started seriously 4 years ago, and were not me turning my back on painting, but more a discovery of why I had been drawn to the sort of painting that influenced me, and how it could be responded to in a fresh way using digital technology that "simuluated" painterly language. This took the form of manipulated drawings, experimental photography, print and culmintaed in my "pools" series, of which "Intermezzo" was the main manifestation. I enjoyed the fact that digital work allowed me to enjoy process, colour and form in ways that were completely new to me, but still satisfied the language that I had enjoyed in paint. My digital work will continue to enrich my painting and vice versa. This research was fuelled by my interest in experimental cinema and expanded cinema, net art and installation art.

More recently my work in graphic software has illuminated the broad pallette of graphic and animation tools that continue to extend the language of painting and sculpture, and their ability to contribute to my workflow as an artist. I am a firm believer in the fact that the execution of digital work is every bit as hard fought as with traditional media, and that new technologies should always be used and scutinised as they have been with centuries of painters. I hope that you enjoy my work.